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Welcome your next customers when they're buying from their trusted eShop

"Word of Mouth" is always the most efficient means

We intercept your ideal target at the best time possible: during shopping. Users are twice as inclined than usual to engage with an offer when they're purchasing other products on line. That's why we interact with users while they're buying, by offering them relevant offers: we connect with them at the right moment, with the right offer.

Your next customer is here


Martha is the person you were looking for and she just bought from an affiliate website


Introduce yourself and submit a tailor-made offer.


Martha is glad to receive your offer and she accepts it.


You can now reach out to her everytime you want with customized messages

Why choose Transactionale

Real Shoppers

Our network boasts millions transactions per month, which translate into millions of potential leads


We handle many kinds of advertising campaigns: email and website. Possibility of A/B testing.


Find exactly the target you were looking for (gender, interests, geolocation)


Our adv campaigns have twice the conversion rate of other acquisition channels

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