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Reward and acquire new customers with discount flyers

Surprises that can be unboxed never lose their charm

Transactionale is the first digital coupon-sharing platform. But does digital take away the charm form paper? We recreated our ecommerce network also in an offline fashion: you can reward your customers with discounts from other shops by putting flyers in your parcels, while other shops will do the same with your coupons

Make an order be a gift


Phoebe has order a new coffee machine from an electronics shop


In the parcel, she finds a flyer with a discount from a coffee capsules shop


Phoebe is happy and purchases capsules for her new coffee machine, saving money


The electronics shop rewarded Phoebe, and the capsules' shop acquired her as a new customer

Why choose Transactionale

In-target partners

We find the right shops for you


We design your voucher


We deliver your fliers directly to the distributor's warehouse


Earn more by distributing offers from in-target shops

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