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Privacy policy per il servizio Transactionale versione4

supplied by
Flyer Tech S.r.l. ("Flyer Tech")

Via Antichi Pastifici 8/A
70056 - Molfetta
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A description of Transactionale

Transactionale provides an innovative eCommerce cross-network advertising service (the “Service”) used by Publishers and Advertisers (the “Clients”) belonging to the same Flyer Tech's network.

The Service allows Advertisers to reach Publisher's clients (the “Visitor”) by means of email and other interactive promotional initiatives. Transactionale uses algorihtms which select and collects only those Advertisers' offers which may be compatible with the potential interest expressed by the Visitor during their purchasing experience.

In other words, if you have bought a product in an e-commerce pertaining to the network, and you have expressed your consent in receiving promotional messages, Transactionale show you a selection of offers, discounts and promotions coming from Advertisers belonging to the same network.

Moreover, and only if you have consented to do so, Transactionale may share some of your personal information with those Advertisers whose products you have previously expressed interest in. In such cases, the receiver will be able to send you their own promotional communications.

Who is this privacy policy addressed to?

This document is addressed to those users who have made a purchase within an e-commerce belonging to the Transactionale network (the “Visitor”). Visitor’s data are communicated to Transactionale for the provision of the Service.

This document does not substitute the privacy policy provided by the Publisher, which should be read, understood and accepted by the Visitor. What this document seeks to achieve is a complementary role, as it actually aims at providing further information on the functioning of Transactionale and opt-out options available for the Visitor.

If you are not a Visitor, but a Client, and you wish to know more about which privacy rules govern our relationship, please visit our privacy policy for Clients here.

Personal information processed by Transactionale

Transactionale also operates through the use of technology which automatically collects some Visitor's personal Data, and precisely: IP address, device unique identifiers, browser's information and interactions between the Visitor and the website, content viewed, preferences, demographic details and geographical position (“Browsing data”).

Further information on Visitors may be sent to us by Publishers also in order to allow the functioning of certain features of the Service, such as name, surname, username, email address, interests and purchased products (“Received data”).

Technologies used for the collection of Personal Data

Browsing data are collected by Transactionale through the use of cookies and other tracking technologies. The collection is strictly limited to those Data needed to fulfil the purposes of processing described in the present document.

Purposes of processing

Transactionale processes Browsing and Received data (“Visitor’s Data”) for achieving the following purposes:

Communication of Personal Data to third parties

Upon Visitor's consent, Transactionale may share Visitor’s Data (and consistent inferences as described above) to the Advertiser.

How to opt-out from the Service

In the event that the Visitors intend to opt-out from the Service, they can use the following links: link:

Button for opt out cookie

Button for opt out email/other comunications

In particular, the Visitor may decide to opt-out either from the tracking activity (by selecting the “Retargeting” option) or from receiving promotional emails, or both.

Opt-out from Retargeting

This option allows the Visitor to stop Transactionale} from tracking him or her. As a consequence, the Visitor's online behavior will not be subject to any further analysis and/or retargeting activity.

The opt-out process is allowed by the installation of a technical cookie into the Visitor's browser. If the Visitor removes such cookies, the opt-out choice may be cancelled and the procedure might be redone. The Visitor may also opt-out from retargeting by using their browser setting. Visitors are invited to visit these link.

Notwithstanding the opt-out from retargeting, Visitors may be receiving other kinds of promotional communications from Transactionale, i.e. emails, according to their consents.

Opt-out from promotional emails and other communications

Such option gives the Visitor the possibility not to be subject to the promotional emails and other similar communications sent through the Service. However, in this case, Visitor may be still subjected to tracking and/or retargeting activity.

Opt-out for Remarketing and promotional emails

By selecting both options, the Visitor will not be subject to tracking activities performed via Transactionale technology and will not receive any promotional communications from the members of the Transactionale network.

Visitor's choices can be modified anytime by clicking on the same buttons.

Rights of the User

Visitors have the right to obtain confirmation of the existence of their personal data from Transactionale, to know its content and origin, to verify its accuracy or request its integration, cancellation, updating, correction, transformation into anonymous form or blocking of Personal Data processed in violation of the law, as well as to oppose in any case, for legitimate reasons, to the processing.

Data Protection Officer (DPO)

Name: Antonino Polimeni
E- mail:

Changes to this privacy policy

Transactionale reserves the right to make changes to this document at any time by informing the Visitors on this page. Therefore, please consult this page frequently, taking as a reference the date of last modification indicated below.

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